Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I’m a nerd. I love comic books, action figures, cartoons, and all the stuff about movies that the average movie goer has no idea about. At the same time, nearly everyone I’ve ever met, at one time or another has come to me with a question, comment, or concern about something in the realm of nerdiness. Whether it’s my opinion of who’s been cast as Captain America, what I know about the next Batman Movie, or who directed Halloween II, I seem to be the most useful to my friends when it comes to dorky trivia. So really, I’m a nerd, but I’m pretty cool ‘cause I know the silly, stupid junk you don’t. Thus I am THE COOLEST NERD YOU KNOW!!!.

This blog will be about all the stuff I think matters in the world, leaving boring stuff like politics, relationships, and world issues at the door (that’s a joke kids!). Expect subject matter such as: Upcoming movies that everyone will be talking about, movies from 5 years ago that no one saw but me, classic comics that you should read, my favorite band putting out a new album, and anything else I feel like jabbering about.

On a back the fuck off because it’s just a blog note: I will not be the least bit concerned if my grammar is correct, or if the writing is in any type of proper format, or if you the reader find my opinion’s flawed or uninformed. It’s for fun and nothing more and if critiquing or criticizing any of those is your reason for reading this then I suggest you stop reading right now.

This is just a warni…I mean taste of things to come. Keep checking back for more.

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