Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kick-Ass? More like Suck-Ass!

So Kick-Ass opened this weekend. Based on the comic book by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. that I didn’t read for some reason despite Millar’s The Ultimates being one of my favorite comics of all time, the movie has been getting rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. My thoughts of the film however will not quite fall into place with the rest of them.

I wasn’t as excited as everyone else was in the first place about Kick-Ass. It seemed from the moment the first trailer hit, people were talking it up like it was gonna be the next big thing. I thought it looked fun, but was doubtful it would be on my top ten list of films for the year. When going to the theatre last night with my girlfriend I mentioned my hopes that my low expectations, along with my love for Mark Millar’s other work in comics, would allow me to come out pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

I didn’t flat out hate the movie. There was actually plenty to enjoy about it. The fight scenes were well choreographed and shot (something the Jason Bourne people need to take note of), the humor was clever, and the performances were great, including the best performance from Nicolas Cage since I don’t know when.

Despite all these positives, I had a lot of issues with Kick-Ass, the main problem being it’s over all inconsistency. When it was great it was great, but the times in between were so bland and seemed to take up way more time than the exciting moments. Aaron Johnson was amicable as the titular hero, but the character itself wasn’t that interesting. I get that he was supposed to be an over all Peter Parker/Spider-Man homage, but he was so similar that it just felt like a cheap knock off rather than a tip of the cap. If I wanted to watch Spider-Man, I’d watch Spider-Man.

Chloe Mortez was flawless as Hit Girl and Nicolas Cage stole the show as Big Daddy, but there just weren’t enough of either them. Sure the movie should have been called “Hit Girl Kicks Ass”, but I wanted to see more of the banter between the two anti heroes. Their back story that was summed up in five seconds in a comic/animated sequence was more interesting that the main character’s that took most of the movie. Take the interesting characters like Hit Girl and Big Daddy, and give them more to do and maybe give less to the flat and bland characters like McLovin’s Red Mist.

The whole concept behind Kick-Ass is what it would be like if real, average, every day people put on costumes and became super heroes. This theme is kept through most of the movie until it gets completely tossed out the window for the big finale action scene that made me almost want to walk out. If you, the film makers, can’t stick to your point, than why should I stick through watching it. You completely contradicted yourself for a lousy attempt at a bigger action scene. No good.

Like I said, not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, just nowhere near the awesomness that people are making it out to be. If Hit Girl gets a spin off movie I will be first in line, but I don’t think I’ll be in any rush for a Kick-Ass 2.

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