Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Blog That Took 20 Years To Write

Much to the surprise of box office analysts, Captain America: The First Avenger beat out the record breaking Harry Potter and the oh you know it’s the last movie by making a higher than expected $65 million, making it the best opening weekend of any super hero based film this year. In my last blog I talked about how much I love the character of Cap and that I had been waiting for over 20 years to see a great or at least good interpretation of the character on the big screen. Obviously the movie made money, but what did I think of it?


I found Captain America to be the most satisfying movie I have seen in a while. I felt director Joe Johnston found a perfect balance in tone that showed the intensity of war but was also an entertaining popcorn film in the vein of Back to the Future and Indiana Jones. Chris Evans was perfect as the noble and charming Steve Rogers and the heroic leader Captain America. Hugo Weaving made the Red Skull everything I hoped he would be on screen and already has me begging for his return in a sequel. There was plenty of humor, but it never felt like a parody, and there was plenty of action, but in a much more adventure style that we don’t see much of in today’s action movies. It was just pure fun, but never sacrificing story or character.

The writers made some changes here and there, like the Red Skulls origins and Captain America’s relationship with his sidekick Bucky, and I thought much, if not all of it was for the best. The origin of how small and frail Steve Rogers transforms into the star spangled hero was dead on, and the fact that they really took the time to tell it, not even showing him in the cap suit until almost halfway through the movie, made that moment along with the characters themselves, carry so much more weight. It could be my childhood attachment to the character, but I felt that Cap had the most emotion of any of the Marvel movies to date.

One of my big problems with Iron Man 2 was the fact that it felt like there wasn’t enough focus on its own story and it was more just a preview for the upcoming Avengers flick. Captain America had plenty of points that were working towards the Avengers, but it never felt out of place and it never took away from its own story. Even with the final moments that will segue in to the team up film, this movie was totally its own piece and had a solid story from start to finish that doesn’t require casual movie goers to see five other movies to know exactly what’s going on.

The movie is making money, and is getting solid reviews from critics and fans alike. I was so happy with the outcome of the movie I’ve waited 20 years and although I know I’ll see him in the Avengers just next year, I’m hoping they decide to move forward with a Captain America sequel. AMERICA!!! FUCK YEAH!!!

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